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A guide for planning long hikes on The Colorado Trail. Town info, resupply, alt routes, and general info. Free. :)

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  • The Colorado Trail Frequently Asked Questions Almost 500 miles of Colorado's stately Rocky Mountains are connected by The Colorado Trail as it threads its way over eight spectacular mountain ranges, through six.
  • Equestrian Riding The Colorado Trail Almost 500 miles of Colorado's stately Rocky Mountains are connected by The Colorado Trail as it threads its way over eight spectacular mountain ranges, through six.
  • The Colorado Trail: The Official Guidebook: Colorado Trail. The Colorado Trail: The Official Guidebook [Colorado Trail Foundation] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. This book is your official guide to hiking.
  • The Colorado Trail: The Trailside Databook (Trailside. The Colorado Trail: The Trailside Databook (Trailside Guide) [Colorado Trail Foundation] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Aimed at backpackers.
  • Colorado Trail Race (CTR) - Colorado Trail Info: For the most part, the Colorado Trail is very well marked. However, The Trailside Databook is a must-have for a breakdown of each segment with.
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